Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Things We don't Expect To Do

Hello Pal...

Today, I gonna try to post in English. Hahaha, feel awesome when we do something we don't ever try to do, right?.. Ohh, I don't know if my writing is easy to understand. Sorry I'm just still learning through this language. Man and girl, what are u gonna thinking when u 'flashback' your old memory till today? U all must be have lot of moment that u all can't forget it right? Just like me, I've a lot of memory. And today I love to share it to you all. 
Hmm ntah apa sudah sy merapu ni. Inilah masalahnya kalau tak pandai bahasa Inggeris. Tak apalah, yang penting lepas ni saya akan cuba buat yang terbaik dalam bahasa ini.


What I'm thinking?.. Am I right for this way?

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